Resolved outage

Amazon EC2 Service Outage

Our host is experiencing elevated error rates and intermittent connectivity issues. We'll update when we know more.

UPDATE: Amazon EC2 is experiencing issues in their US East datacenter. You can read more about that on the Amazon Web Services status page. The dashboard and our encoders all run in Amazon EC2 (primarily in US East), so we're being affected by these issues.

UPDATE: Nothing new to report, unfortunately. Amazon is actively working on these issues and it's affecting many of their customers.

UPDATE: Nothing new to report, unfortunately. Amazon hasn't updated their status page in over 1 hour.

UPDATE: Amazon is making progress, but we're still being affected by the outage. Apparently it's due to a problem with EBS (Elastic Block Storage) which serves as storage for our database server.

UPDATE: We've had a few questions about how this affects Zencoder in general, so I thought I'd try and clear somethings up. Zencoder's dashboard (which acts as the director of the whole service) is currently hosted with Heroku. Heroku is built on top of Amazon EC2 in the US East region. Zencoder's encoding workers run in 4 of Amazon's regions today, but since the dashboard is down we can't accept API requests nor send jobs to be transcoded in any region. We're currently working on a short-term solution to get you encoding again. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: We're seeing some progress at our service providers. Some sites have come back online in the last few minutes, though ours is still unavailable. At the same time, we're actively working on a temporary workaround. We'll continue to post updates here.

UPDATE: We have a temporary workaround available for customers who are able to make a small change to their integration code. Contact us by email or chat for more information. No updates from Amazon for the last 3 hours.

UPDATE: Several customers are fully up and running using our workaround encoding environment, and we are currently helping other customers transition over. Contact us by email or chat (links below) if you would like help with this. No updates from Amazon, but we are continuing to monitor the situation there.

UPDATE: We have moved our full system over to the new environment, and jobs are processing. We will continue to monitor the new servers, but for now, things are moving.